Exclusive Interview: Attorney, CPA, Model, & Writer Miatta Dabo Optimizes Her Talents To Inspire And Serve

Miatta is committed to making a difference

Miatta is committed to making a difference

Miatta Dabo is an Attorney, has passed her Certified Public Accountancy exam (CPA) and is an Entrepreneur, Model, and Writer. Her steadfast determination and strength truly exemplifies what anyone can achieve if they choose to maximize their talents and potentials. But first, she attributes much of her success to “Prayer and grace.”

“Second,” Miatta says, “I had a great time in school with an amazing group of friends in high school and college and that made it easy to deal with classes, parties, study groups, etc.  I also knew that I wanted to lay the foundation for a better life and figured outside of winning the lottery; I just had to work my behind off.”

A native of Sierra Leone, West Africa, Miatta lost many family members as a result of a decade-long civil war which broke out in 1991. “I haven’t overcome them,” Miatta says of her losses. “They form the fabric of who I am today and those memories push me to become a better person, to reach higher and to make a positive difference in my life and the lives of others; especially those who are affected by civil war, or should I say unjustified homicide and genocide.  What happened in that war was disgusting, inhumane and a violation of every dignified human right imaginable.  We can only move forward and grow stronger from our scars.”

Miatta has an unquestionable passion for fashion and design, a reason that compelled her to start Boutique Mix. She

Miatta models for Boutique Mix

Miatta models for Boutique Mix

designs and makes some of her fashion under her Miatta-MiMi fashion label, and gets other inventory from her rare finds during her travels.  Miatta also models for her Boutique, as do some of her girlfriends.  But most importantly, Miatta uses the Boutique as her platform for charitable and humanitarian work.

“Boutique Mix is my ‘baby’ and it keeps me sane,” Miatta says. “I started the business because I love fashion and wanted to find a vehicle that would allow me to contribute more of my resources to helping others, whether through education or economic empowerment. 25% of all profits go to various charities including, Kiva, Children’s Plan International, St. Jude’s Children Hospital, Christian Children’s Fund and others.”

One of Miatta’s main focuses to human development is geared toward children. “Emphasis on children,” she says. “Without education for the children and economic empowerment, society as we know it will disintegrate. We need to provide the tools today for a better tomorrow. We can hold stimulating intellectual debates about it, wax poetic about it, sing about it or rap about it. If we don’t put our money where our mouth is, no one eats.  Period.”

The Sierra Leone 2008-2010 Pledge Campaign is at the heart of Miatta’s blog—ReBuilding Sierra Leone One Child At A Time. It is a fundraising campaign sponsored by her and Boutique Mix. With donations as little as a dollar a month for 12 months or for the duration of the campaign, she has so far received various forms of contributions from friends, family and even strangers as far away as Australia who found the blog online and decided to participate.

“Ask your friends or colleagues or family, or throw a charity shopping party or whatever works for you. When you collect the money you don’t have to send me the cash. Go ahead and purchase school supplies (please keep all the receipts so that we are accountable to donors),” Miatta says.

“If you don’t want to send me the heavy school supplies, go ahead and send me the cash/check/whatever.  Just keep a detailed record of what you send me.  Boutique Mix is contributing $2,000, which will pay for any shipping/custom duties/tax costs with the remainder going toward school supplies. I am grateful to everyone for their charity. I am sure the lucky kids who receive these items will be thrilled, thankful and very grateful to each of you.”

Miatta is the National Fashion Examiner for the U.S.

Miatta is the National Fashion Examiner for the U.S.

Aside from blogging, Miatta, also a writer for the Washington DC Examiner at examiner.com, is now the National Fashion Examiner for the United States.  On her passion for fashion and writing, Miatta states: “Writing about fashion is always fun. I am enjoying every minute of it.” She is also currently working on a “side hustles” book geared toward small business owners and other individuals who are inspired to turn their passion into their “side hustle” or full time career.

A woman of strength, Miatta has a diverse portfolio and demanding professions all of which could otherwise be challenging to administer well at once. Talking about how she manages all her professions and activities, she says: “Obviously not as well as I should because even though it’s been years since I passed the CPA examination I have yet to apply for my license. In due time though. I work primarily as an attorney now and do the rest in my spare time.”
Miatta holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree from Morgan State University, where she became the first student to graduate from the university’s two-year MBA program in one year, while working full time. She pursued a law degree at the University of Baltimore (UB). In her final year she was Editor-in-Chief of the Intellectual Property Law Journal, a member of the UB Law Review, president of the Criminal Law Society, treasurer of the International Law Society, day representative for the Intellectual Property Law Society, a teaching assistant for Criminal Law and tutor for Evidence. She also participated in various Accounting and Finance organizations in undergraduate and graduate school. She was a member of many honor societies and gave the graduation speech at the May 2001 Commencement Ceremony, where she also received the Law Faculty Award, “considered the most prestigious award to a graduate exhibiting unusual qualities of scholarship, leadership, and service.”

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